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Walking Tips

The following simple tips will make your experience with walking more enjoyable. The key to benefiting from walking is to workout on a consistent basis

Warm up

Its best to start and end your workout at a slow pace. Build into your walking pace gradually and conclude your exercise by winding down instead of just stopping. Warming up and cooling down will give your body time to adjust and prevent injury. You will find that by gradually building your pace you may be able to walk longer and enjoy your exercise more.

Take time to stretch after you conclude your workout, while your body is still warm. Stretching while warmed up will provide the greatest results and increases in flexibility.

Select the right shoes for your feet

Everyone has different feet and different ways of walking. Finding the correct shoes for your body type is essential to long term comfort. If you are not comfortable walking, you are less likely to do it on a consistent basis. Consistency is the key to success when it comes to exercise!

Shoes that work for one person may not work for another. You may have a friend that raves about their Asics, but the same shoes on you may not be the best option. Its worth taking time to try on a wide variety of shoes. Visit a running store where you can receive expert assistance in selecting the correct shoe for your needs.

Listen to what your feet have to say

Your feet, arches, ankles, knees, joints and entire body are good at telling you how they feel. If you are getting mixed messages from your body, donít ignore what they are trying to tell you. Stop and listen to your body. Are you sore from yesterdays hike or are you injured? Exercising when your body is telling you to rest can do more damage than good in the long term.

Walking surfaces

Some surfaces are going to be better for walking than others. In general, the softer the surface, the better for your body. Hard cement sidewalks can be hard on your body, even with just walking. Walking on dirt, grass, or the local school track. Track surfaces are GREAT as they are designed with walking and running in mind. Your joints and feet will thank you!

Walking in adverse weather conditions

If you are planning to walk in bad weather, make sure to be prepared! Cold weather can bring walking hazards like ice as well as numbness to your feet and joints. Its nice to have a plan B for bad weather. Instead of canceling your workout, head to the mall or the treadmill at the gym. Be prepared, have a plan, and stay consistent with your walking!

Walking with diabetes

Take extra care if you suffer from diabetes. You must take care of your feet and make daily inspections for blisters, redness, or possible injury. If you notice any problems including numb feet or toes, tingling, or swelling, its important that you go and get checked out by your physician. Overlooking injury can lead to serious permanent damage.

Consistency is key!

Regular walking can have amazing benefits on your life, health, and fitness. To gain the most from your walking, start a regular program and stick with it. Set a goal to walk a set number of days per week, every week for the next 3 months. Once you reach 3 months, re-evaluate and set a new goal to reach. Many people make the mistake of rushing into an exercise program and quickly get burned out. Move in the direction of slow but steady change and you will be amazed at the results. Walking is not just a solution, itís a way to slow down and look at life. Itís a great time to spend away from the computer, away from the TV, with your family, friends, and pets, or just by yourself.

Record your exercises

If you want to watch your results build, make journal keeping a regular part of your exercise routine. FitnessJournal offers an online walking journal that will help you track your daily exercises. Its fun and takes just minutes a day.

FitnessJournal also offers a Walk Across America program that allows you to watch your progress as you You can learn more about fitness journals here. You can also take a tour of our journal to learn more about the great services we provide. Success should be recorded!

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