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Topic Posts Author Location Last Updated
Auto-Login feature: resolved 1 Chris NH 4.3 Years Ago
No 2010 1 dlab AB 4.4 Years Ago
mph miscalculated? 2 Thomas NY 4.5 Years Ago
mobile platform, reply not working yet 3 Chris NH 5.9 Years Ago
Work Name is Blank 1 Marc SC 6.0 Years Ago
Strength Training journal 2 Julie MO 6.2 Years Ago
Double Food Entries 1 Allison NY 7.2 Years Ago
back logging workouts. 2 Dan CA 7.4 Years Ago
climbing in yards 2 ronin AK 7.5 Years Ago
Problem with discussion posts - resolved 1 Chris NH 7.6 Years Ago
weight chart/days without an entry 3 Thomas NY 7.7 Years Ago
Average HR - corrections and graphing? 1 Gary MA 7.7 Years Ago
US Map Calibration 1 Chris NH 7.8 Years Ago
help 10 Tim OR 8.1 Years Ago
Reports & Export (Distance Metric Conversion) 2 Peter ON 8.1 Years Ago
Add Shoes 1 Charity TX 8.3 Years Ago
Re-Calculate Calories after Edit 2 Grampy NH 8.3 Years Ago
Suggestion: Walking vs Pedometer 3 Charity TX 8.5 Years Ago
exercise report bug/sorting 1 Thomas NY 8.5 Years Ago
Suggestion: Shoe Tracking 1 Charity TX 8.5 Years Ago
Spacing on "Record A Regular Workout" 1 Bob TX 8.5 Years Ago
Logging Out of System 3 Marc SC 8.5 Years Ago
additional information for non-running events 1 Seema PA 8.6 Years Ago
Display order... 1 Chris NH 8.7 Years Ago
First Bug 3 Eren CA 8.8 Years Ago

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